Combining Technical Indicators – 2

As seen in the earlier post on “Combining Technical Indicators -1”, it may not make much sense to use the technical indicators that measure the same underlying characteristics. For example, measuring Stochastics oscillator and RSI (Relative Strength Index), is redundant since they both banded momentum oscillators …

Bond market yields and stock market

Smart money is always vying for quicker ways to make money. That is why they pay so much to researchers and analysts, to identify the next best possible sector to invest in. When a particular sector is due for a breakout, the smart money moves in, …

Combining Technical Indicators

We all read and use Technical Indicators to determine Buy points and Sell points on the stock chart. Usually experts recommend that we use at least three separate indicators to decide on the Buy/Sell points. The ideas being that you use independent means (indicators) to arrive …

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